So, There’s Going to be a Book Launch

I haven’t done a book launch since 2015. So this is especially exciting. Most of my publications, it never occured to me to actually celebrate it. I usually make a single Facebook post and then continue about my life as if nothing even happened.

I hadn’t thought about really doing much of anything until I wrote the final poem for the book. It was one of those poems I had to chip away at: I wrote and rewrote several versions, each time knowing I was close, but not quite there. When I finally finished it though, it was something I was truly proud of.

This got my wheels turning.

What if I did do a book launch? What if I invited all of my amazing friends and celebrated my accomplishment instead of a passing mention on Facebook? The more I thought about it, the better it sounded. (Also, a book launch means I get to purchase a new dress for the event and as stark as my closet is these days, that alone sounded like a good idea.)

Anyway, I’m excited to share my work again and stop acting like writing is my own dirty little secret for no particular reason. More details to come. This is going to be fun!