What DID I Do Last Week?

Somehow it seems my life goes from periods of just about nothing happening to times when everything is happening, in all relevant life categories. Recently, I have transitioned out of one job, into a new one, packed a house, staged said house for sale, checked my email 40 times per minute just in case the project manager at the new house sends over a missive that our closing date is available, and in the middle of this, Dan and I went on a cruise to Mexico.

Granted, we had planned the cruise over a year and a half ago. But, of course, just like during our previous house sale, it falls right when we are ready to start selling the house. Meanwhile, on the cruise, I ended up leaving a good chunk of my wardrobe behind because it was either unintentionally see through (what is the deal with see through clothing these days?) or it had gotten too big since I packed it.

It’s getting difficult to answer the question, “What have you been up to?” because quite frankly, I’m barely keeping up with it myself.

As chaotic as everything is getting in our simple home, I get the feeling once we move and everything slides back into the comfortable soup of normality, I will be longing for the constant twists and turns. Although, I’m pretty sure I will not miss the physical side of packing boxes, moving boxes, and then packing more boxes.

Somethings, I have unanimously decided, I am entirely too old for.