Book Covers For Stalled Projects

While I usually have a lot of writing projects going, I generally tend to make progress on them, and complete a fair amount. Lately, it has been an entirely different story. Here are the book covers for projects I started and can’t seem to finish, as well as a summary of what I intended the project to be.


I was going to write this project over NaNoWriMo last year. However, I kept completely revising the story so much I ended up with about four or five started drafts before giving up entirely.

The story is a Christmas romance which follows a plucky plus-size protagonist as she meets and falls for a mystery man who turns out to a Duke. Not only that, but he is bound by his late father’s will to marry and start a family within five years of his death or his Dukedom will go to his slimey cousin.


Not sure what this was supposed to be. Or currently is. I started writing about my frustrations with where we currently were living and how much I wanted to go somewhere else. But then things just stopped…

It’s named after the Natalie Imbruglia song of the same name. The cake is in celebration of September, my birth month.


For some reason, I thought the way to get started on this book was to create a cover. No idea why.

Anyway, this book was supposed to be a sapphic version of The Christmas Duke. A woman crumbling from the pressure of belonging to a homophobic upper class family falls in love with a woman who changes everything.


What do you do when everything feels bad? You write poems about it!

This collection lasted about 4 poems before it just turned into me complaining about literally anything. I don’t think this chapbook will ever be resurrected.


The opposite of Lori, this collection was supposed to be a study in the things that bring me joy. I’m not sure what it says about me when I wasn’t able to finish this chapbook or the one above either.

I cannibalized some of the poems from it for Fistful of Love, but started over a few months later. Then abandoned it again.


This novel was the one I had put the most thought into. It’s set in Cornwall, England and follows an American art restorer moving to the area for a new job. Looking for a fresh start, she discovers much more about the area and the handsome bookstore owner then she was bargaining for.

One day. I can see myself going back to this one.

Mixed Media

Oh boy.

I started this book as a way to heal. It’s a blend of prose and poetry and some musing in between. I wrote on topics like mental health and family.

Unfortunately, it got so intense I ended up stopping out of sheer exhaustion. I would very much like to finish this one day, but definitely not right now.