To Write Love in my Home

Our new home journey has finally crossed into our first walk around the budding property. Although there were people actually working (loudly) in the home at the time and our project manager (PM) is soft spoken, I loved our jaunt around what is to be our new house.

When we were at our previous house, my neighbor told me about something she did with her family while the house was being built. She and her girls took sharpies to the beams and wrote their names, Bible verses, and all kinds of positive messages for the house. I was enthralled with the idea.

So, I tucked two large sharpies into my purse before the meeting and hoped our PM would let us do the same. He did!

Dan wrote this dedication to his office. He bonded with this room at the model home and I’m pretty sure it had a big impact on his decision making process.

The writing is kind of hard to see on this one, but it says “Star + Dan,” surrounded by a heart.

I chose this for my study. A place where I plan to harness my productivity and succeed not only in my 9-5, but also creatively.

And finally, in the kitchen, the heart of the home, I wrote “House = Home” (header image). It feels like I have spent a lifetime searching for a place to call home. This time, I have my person, I have my kitty cats, and this will be the last piece. At least, it better be. Because I don’t have many moves left in me, if you know what I mean.

Fun fact, the average person moves approximately seven times during their lifetime. This will be my 16th move.

Some of those moves I racked up in my previous life has a Navy brat, but a good chunk of them, I did on my own. Like I said, I don’t have many moves left in me.